Become a HERO Parent - upload your School Stationery List

How do I become a YourSchoolBox HERO Parent?

If you are first to supply us with an official School Grade List, you instantly become one of our HERO Parents. Fastest finger first!

What’s in it for a HERO Parent?

1) 25% off your Back2School stationery pack
2) You get a personal 15% discount voucher code to share with friends and family
3) You can get your Back2School pack FREE

How can I get my order FREE?

1) If 20 or more individuals order using your personal voucher code, your pack will be free.
2) If you introduce our Back2School solution to any school and they choose to promote it to their parents, your pack will be free.

If You're Interested In Becoming A Hero Parent, Please Submit Your Details Below.