Find Your School List

How does it work and what makes it awesome?

Back2School stationery lists supplied by schools are added to our site, so all essential items are preloaded and ready for you to order with just a few clicks.

Ordering Steps

Step 1: Search and select your School Grade List
Step 2: Option to edit quantities and to add or remove any products from the list
Step 3: Make Payment (safe & secure EFT or Credit Card)
Step 4: Order gets delivered to your door

Need to order for more than 1 child?

1) You can add as many different school lists as you need, before checking out your full order.
2) Each child’s stationery box will be packed separately

Your School List isn't there, what now?

1) No problem, simply upload your list received from your school.
2) We'll add it to our site and notify you once done
3) Logon, select your list and place your order