We are YourSchoolBox

South Africa’s premier school stationery eCommerce store

YourSchoolBox was founded in 2020 with a vision to become the leading online supplier of school stationery across Africa. YourSchoolBox is a subsidiary to parent company, OfficeBox, which since launching in 2009 has grown into South Africa’s premier online stationery & office supplies company, supplying businesses, schools and home users.

Having supplied thousands of Back2School orders over the years through the officebox.co.za online store and from in depth research, it became clear that parents are looking for a quick and easy, yet affordable way to order their kids Back2School packs.

That’s where YourSchoolBox comes in! Understanding the pain points for both parents and schools, we went on a mission to create a bespoke online ordering solution to make Back2School easier and cheaper than ever before. Anybody across SA can now order their required Back2School stationery packs with literally just a few clicks using our “Find Your School List” feature, and enjoy having orders delivered straight to their door.

So how does it work?

We load the stationery lists supplied by schools to our online store, you simply use our “Find Your School List” ordering feature by searching and selecting your required school grade. Once selected, all essential items are already preloaded and ready for you to order, with the option to edit quantities and to add or remove products before checking out. If you require more than one stationery pack across various grades or schools, no problem - we’ve thought of that too! You can order from as many lists as you need and each child’s stationery box will be packed separately and marked clearly. If your school grade list isn’t already there when you search for it, it’s no biggie. Just supply us with the official school list, and we’ll notify you once we’ve added it to our site.

YourSchoolBox is a whole lot more than just a Back2School store tho, as we open all year round with over 3000 products available online, across our stationery, arts & crafts, reading & educational books, licensed brands, bags, toys and other categories.

From toddlers to scholars, YourSchoolBox has you covered.